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-====== ​CentOS ​7.6 now available ======+====== ​RHEL 7.6 now available ======
 <wrap lo>​2018-12-06</​wrap>​ <wrap lo>​2018-12-06</​wrap>​
-The brand-new CentOS ​7.6 operating system has been released ​a few days ago on Dec 3. It will serve as basis for CineSat software development in 2019, and RedHat Enterprise Linux 7.6 (or CentOS ​7.6will be the baseline for new customer systems in 2019. +The RedHat Enterprise Linux 7.6 operating system has recently ​been released. It will serve as basis for CineSat software development in 2019, and RHEL 7.6 will be the baseline for new customer systems in 2019. 
-For customers, the selection of their operating systems is just a matter of taste. Since 2014__RedHat ​and the CentOS project__ work closely together and every CentOS release is completely built from RedHat source code.  +Over the past 15 years of application development under Linux, the cooperation with RedHat and their support helped to resolve many issues regarding performance,​ hardware compatibility, and programming issues related to changes in the Linux kernel
-Read more about this cooperation:​  +
-Both systems provide frequent updates, the only relevant difference is support.  +In particular__RedHat will be the preferred choice for new Dell servers__ that are being delivered with pre-installed operating systembecause Dell support ​will require an operating system ​delivered and certified by Dell. In case of hardware repair and changed spare partsRedHat support may be significant advantage.
-CineSat systems ​are usually ​being operated as black boxes on pre-configured serversso end-users ​will need application support but not necessarily any support to the depths of the operating system, ​like special hardware drivers. Basic Linux system administration skills are sufficient to operate ​pre-configured CineSat server.+
-__RedHat will be the preferred choice ​for new Dell servers__ which are being delivered with pre-installed operating systembecause Dell support may require an operating system delivered ​and certified by Dell. In case of hardware repair and changed spare parts, ​RedHat ​support may be a significant advantage. +The CineSat Support Team can provide full support ​for all configuration and administration tasks on RedHat systemssince all our development ​and office backend systems are based on RedHat ​Enterprise Linux.
-Otherwise, the difference does not matter from the CineSat application'​s point of view.+
 +:.: [[pub:​cs:​rhel]] ​
 +:.: [[pub:​cs:​rhel#​RedHat Lifecycle|RedHat Lifecycle]]
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