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The CineSat Support Pages provide you with a number of navigation elements. From top to bottom you find:

Content Area

The banner consists of linked images, logos, and titles. All banner links lead you to the site's top level page (Home).

Trace Line

An extremely useful list of the last visited pages. It allows you to quickly navigate to recently visited pages and to open them in separate browser windows.

The gray menu bar gives you an application-style drop down menu access to important functions and information. The content of the menu bar depends on whether you are logged-in or not and on your user role and rights.

Action Bar

The action bar contains links to important or frequently used functions, like

Context links and buttons depending on the visited page and your user roles.

Links in these Support Pages are highlighted by the following colors:

A left mouse click on an internal link will open this page in the same window, while external links are always opened in a separate window. You can open an internal link

Keyboard Keys

Key Function
Home / Pos1 Go to top of page
End Go to bottom of page
F3 Search in this page

Mouse Clicks

Mouse Gesture Function
Left click on internal link Open link in same window
Left click on external link Open link in new window
SHIFT + Left click on internal link Open link in new window
CTRL + Left click on internal link Open link in new tab